Associação dos Amigos do Museu da Quinta das Cruzes

Associação dos Amigos do Museu da Quinta das Cruzes

The Museum Quinta das Cruzes is the headquarters of the Associação dos Amigos do Museu Quinta das Cruzes, as well as host the Board, which charter was approved on the 16.05.2017.

Its aim is to contribute, support and work with the museum’s governing bodies in the production, development and promotion of its programmes and similar activities, namely through a policy of donations to the museum. The association also undertakes its own activities designed to make an addition contribution to the achievement of its own objectives.

This Association of Friends aims to contribute for the development of one of the most important museum in Madeira. Furthermore, the Association beyond having an improved access to the collections and activities of the Museum, intends to gain specialized knowledge of other museums and collections in Portugal and abroad, and expand the number of contacts and friends feeling the pleasure of making many small discoveries with someone who shares the same interests as you.

The membership application is submitted to the governance bodies. There is no initial membership charge, just an annual fee that depends on the body who applies:

Full member – €30
Benefactor – €100
Students aged 25 or under – €5
Full member – €200
Benefactor – €500
Foreigner Companies – €250

Members’ duties are to

a) collaborate in the Group’s initiatives and activities;
b) honour the charter as a member and defend the prestige and dignity of the association;
c) pay membership fees promptly;
d) perform the duties of the office to which they are elected.


Members are entitled to:
a) benefit from any activities or special advantages created through the relationship between the Group and the Museum;
b) participate in all of the Group’s initiatives and activities, to which they will always be invited (voluntary actions, lectures, conferences, concerts, etc.) Free invitations and privileged access to all initiatives promoted by the museum. Guided tours and other initiatives exclusive to the Group of Friends of the MQC;
d) guided tours (exclusively for members) of thematic exhibitions at the MQC or other museums;
e) organised trips in Portugal and abroad for cultural purposes;
f) discuss, participate and vote at General Meetings, as well as to serve as an officer of the association;
g) discount at the MQC shop;
h) discount at the MQC restaurant;
i) extended visiting times only for friends of the museum.

Tax benefits
Under the terms of the legislation currently in force, the annual fees paid by members of the Group of Friends of the MQC automatically benefit from the regime established in the Tax Relief Regulations (article 61 and following). The Tax Relief Regulations were republished in an annex to Decree-Law No. 108/2008, of 26 June, and subsequently altered by Law No. 64-A/2008, of 31 December.