The Madeira Botanical Garden - Engineer Rui Vieira is owned by the Autonomous Region of Madeira and is integrated into the Institute for Forestry and Nature Conservation, IP-RAM. With an area approximately 8 h, 5 in gardens and is located about 3 km from the center of Funchal, on the top left edge of the College João Gomes, between 150 and 300 m.

The Botanical Garden of Madeira - Engineer Rui Vieira, with a garden area of 5ha approximately meets a high amount and diversity of plant species (about 3000) originating from parts of the world ecologically very different. Throughout the garden, the plants are identified with the scientific name, common name, family and place of origin and arranged in several major collections, which are: endemic species of Madeira, the arboretum, the succulent plants, choreographed gardens and topiary, agro-industrial plants, aromatic and medicinal plants, palm trees and cycads and gardens. he herbarium is a dynamic collection of dried and pressed plants. These collections allow to answer a number of questions put to taxonomists on the identification, naming, classification, systematic, geographic distribution (past and present) and ecology of plant species. Due to the high amount of information in either morphological-anatomical terms and in ecological terms as these collections contain the herbal plant diversity act as a database in the regions where there.

The conservation in seed banks is an easy and safe method of conserving plant genetic resources ex situ . Using the internationally recognized techniques and procedures, seeds are stored under controlled conditions of humidity and temperature, which enables the maintenance of viability for an extended period of time.

This type of conservation compared with other preservation methods ex situ , offers advantages which are of seed banks of the methods of preservation ex situ longer used. These characteristics stand out:

• Its application to a wide range of plant species in an easy and universal way;

• Storing in a reduced space, large amounts of genetic variability in the short, medium and long term;

• Availability for immediate use of genetic material from different locations;

• The process of collecting material from the nature show no damage to the survival of wild populations.

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