It's time to meet WFFM.

WFFM 2018 - Dr. Ekkerhard Numann - President of the WFFM

Dr. Ekkerhard Numann - President of the WFFM

Dear Friends,

I’m delighted to welcome you to the Council Meeting and General Assembly 2018 in a location that no one expected to be a place of art and friends of museums. So let us take the opportunity to meet, to share experiences and to enjoy the cultural and natural highlights of Madeira!

WFFM 2018 - Dr. António Alfaia de Carvalho - President of the FAMP

Dr. António Alfaia de Carvalho - President of the FAMP

Dear Friends,

"Madeira, but isn’t it just about flowers and spas?" was a common reaction when it was first suggested to hold a WFFM council meeting and general assembly in Funchal, Madeira in 2018.

Well, it’s a fact that Madeira, with its mild subtropical climate, staggering variety of flora and unique topography, has been a favorite and inspiring destination since the early days of travelling, widely celebrated by countless famous visitors.

What people do not always realize is that Madeira was the first experience of the Portuguese maritime expansion and in the 15th and 16th centuries the works of Flemish old masters were already common in churches throughout the island, due to the trade of that precious "white gold" – sugar – with northern Europe, and the generosity and devotion of wealthy sponsors.

So, yes, we believe it may be an exciting surprise, for those WFFM visitors who may not be aware of the importance of this local heritage, to start discovering it during their stay, while also enjoying the other charms of the island.

It is a fortunate coincidence that 2018 is the European Year of Cultural Heritage and also the 600th anniversary of the discovery of the Madeira archipelago by Portuguese navigator João Gonçalves Zarco.

We are very proud to host the 2018 WFFM meeting and truly hope you will enjoy your visit.