General Assembly Meeting Program Young Friends

Lisbon and Madeira

8th - 13th of May 2018

Dear Young Friends,

Lisbon and Madeira are ready to host our Young Friends Meeting and General Assembly!

We are most delighted to have you in these unique cities and to welcome you to our heritageand traditions.

These will be some hard working days but also packed with culture and vibrant sights. Get ready! The Young Friends of FAMP – Federação de Amigos dos Museus de Portugal – have been organizing a meeting where work and discussion fit in the same room as exploring the capital’s treasures and the island’s wonders.

Madeira has given us a wonderful example of how a Friends of a Museum group ought to be created. The Friends of Museum Quinta das Cruzes has done a superb work on the WFFM's program for the General Assembly and has been building a very interesting place in the cultural scene of Madeira.

We dearly cherish the Young Friends communion all around the globe and we strive to have you sharing these moments of partnership,adventure and joy with us in Portugal!

It is for us a privilege to congregate youth voluntary energy around such important themes as: protecting and giving life to cultural heritage, and stimulating youngsters’ creative art world.

Being so, we invite you to join us in WFFM’s annual General Assembly to meet Young Friends from around the world and share different ideas about what brings us together!

Hoping to see you all next May,

Eliana, Sara, Ksenia, Gonçalo and Duarte

Tuesday, 08th May 2018


16.00h – Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga
Registration and cocktail.

Portugal’s most important and Lisbon’s richest museum will be our first gathering place.It firstly belonged to the Marquis of Pombal's family (Carvalho) and nowdays holds an impressive permanent collection (famously presenting Bosch’s ‘The temptations of the St. Anthony’ and Nuno Gonçalves’s ‘Painéis de São Vicente’), a varied and intense program of temporary exhibitons and a beautiful garden over the Tagus river.

18.30h - Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga
Visit to the exhibition.

21.30h – Dance/Theatre Performance happening on a city's Theatre Hall.

WFFM 2018 - Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga

Wednesday, 09th May 2018


9.30h –Casa-Museu Medeiros e Almeida
Guided tour to the collection.

Built in 1896 by Manuel Correia Júnior, the palace of the Museum Medeiros e Almeida congregates the wonderful art collection of António de Medeiros e Almeida, who lived there from 1940 to 1970. The still unknown but high-quality collection includes furniture, pictures, jewelry, and sacred art, throughout twenty five themed rooms.

11.30h –Cinemateca Portuguesa • Museu do Cinema
Meeting at Sala Luís de Pina. Snack.

The main headquartes for cinema lovers,the portuguese Cinemateca is the national museum of cinema and regularly projects pictures in film. Majorly preseting world classics and independent cinema,it’s well know for programming themed cycles and both national and international film festivals.

12.00h -Cinemateca Portuguesa • Museu do Cinema
Watching of two short-movies of Portuguese Cinema.

13.30h -Museu da Cidade • Palácio Pimenta
Lunch and guided tour.
The City’s museum is located in a XVIII century palace – the Palácio Pimenta, named after Manuel Joaquim Pimenta.It presents the evolution of the city since prehistoric times to the first half of the XX century, going throughout the roman occupation and Islamic settlements, the Cristian conquest by D. Afonso Henriques, first king of Portugal,and the growth of the city as capital of the portuguese empire.

16.00h -Palace of Galveias
The Palace of Galveias was built in the XVII century for the Marquis of Távora. In 1801, it was acquired by D.João, fifth count of Galveias. After 1920, Lisbon city hall bought the building and organized it as a public library. It was here that the Nobel prize of Literature,José Saramago,spent years reading and studying for his novels.

WFFM 2018 - Casa-Museu Medeiros e Almeida - Cinemateca Portuguesa Museu do Cinema

Thursday, 10th May 2018


10.30h –Museum of Condes de Castro Guimarães
Guided tour.
The Museum is placed in the Palace of the late Count of Castro Guimarães. The Palace was built in the end of the XIX century by Jorge O’Neill, and is a mix of architectural styles. The Count of Castro Guimarães left his art collection and the Palace to the city of Cascais. The Museum opened in 1931. The collection ex-libris is the Chronic of D. Afonso Henriques by Duarte Galvão, a very precious document about the life of the first King of Portugal.

11.30h - Museum of Condes de Castro Guimarães Meeting.

11.30h - Lunch.

21.30h –Palácio Foz
Dinner and farewell meeting.
The Palace,built in the XVIII century in one of the noblest areas of the city,belonged to the Marquis of Castelo Melhor until 1888, when it was rented by the marquis of Foz,who now names the Palace.Nowadays it is property of Presidência do Conselho de Ministros and it holds an intense cultural and mostly musical program.

WFFM 2018 - Museum of Condes de Castro Guimarães - Palácio Foz

Friday, 11th May 2018

Departure to Madeira.

9.30h –Convento de Santa Clara and Igreja do Colégio
Guided tour.
João Gonçalves Zarco, first governor of Funchal, built the Convento de Santa Clara in the XV century. It still has a religious order, the Franciscanas, although there are open areas and it is possible to see the marvelous collection of tiles and paintings.
The church of the Colégio is named Church of Saint John the Evangelist.It was built in the XVI hundreds and is a stunning example of the transition between mannerism and the portuguese baroque

18.30h –Bothanic Garden
Visit and dinner.

WFFM 2018 - Convento de Santa Clara and Igreja do Colégio - Bothanic Garden

Saturday, 12th May 2018

8.45h -Levada of Castelejo
Departure from the Pousada da Juventude do Funchal.
Please, bring comfortable clothes and shoes and water.

12.30h - Casa de Chá do Faial

14.00h -Departure to Funchal.

15.00h -Museum of Quinta das Cruzes
Visit to the exhibition and group assembly

18.30h -Center of Funchal Guided walk by the university’s History Tellers around the historic center of Funchal.

20.30h – Londres
Dinner • Typical Madeiran food restaurant.

WFFM 2018 - Levada of Castelejo - Casa de Chá do Faial

Sunday, 13th May 2018

09.00h -Casa das Mudas
Departure to the General Assemby Meeting .

10.00h –Casa das Mudas
Arrival to the Contemporary Art Museum of Casa das Mudas:
Visit to the museum.
Casa das Mudas was designed by the architect Paulo David and it opened in 2004. The Museum holds a modern and contemporary art collection with representation of well-known portuguese painters and artists.

11h00 – General Assembly Meeting.

12h30 – Transfer to Calheta for lunch.

13h00 – Lunch offered by the Secretaria do Turismo da Madeira.

15h30 – Cabo Girão
Transfer to hotels with a stop at Cabo Girão for a high view of the island.

WFFM 2018 - Casa das Mudas - Cabo Girão
FAMP scholarship